In this study, a prototype flexible Joule-Thomson micro-refrigerator was fabricated and its cooling power was examined. The micro-refrigerator uses N2, C2H4 or CO2 as a working gas and it consists mainly of a heat exchanger and an evaporator. The outside diameter of the heat exchanger outer tube is 0.9 mm and that of the inner tube is 0.4 mm. The length of the heat exchanger is 450mm. The inner diameter of the evaporator capillary is 0.1 mm. A cooling power of 100 mW at an evaporator temperature of 277 K was attained for inlet and outlet gas (CO2) pressures of 5.0 MPa and 0.1 MPa, respectively. To understand the cooling performance, a numerical analysis of the heat exchanger has been done and the effects of mass flow rate and dimensions of the heat exchanger on temperature profiles and effectiveness were examined.

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