This study characterizes and analyzes the performances of micro diffusers/nozzles with six types of enhancement structures. The pressure drops across the designed micro nozzles/diffusers are found to be increased considerably when the obstacle and fin structure are added. Further, the micro nozzle/diffuser having added circular area reveals the lowest pressure drop, owing to the hydraulic diameter is increased by circular area and lower interface friction. The maximum improvement of the loss coefficient ratio is about 16% for an added 3-fin structure operated at a Reynolds number around 70. Upon this situation, the static rectification efficiency improves 4.43 times than the conventional nozzle/diffuser. Experimental results indicate the performance peaks at a Reynolds number around 70, and an appreciable decline is encountered when the Reynolds number is reduced. It is due to the efficiency ratio of conventional micro nozzle/diffuser significant increases with the Reynolds number.

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