The evaporation heat transfer coefficients and pressure drops of R-410A and R-134a flowing through a horizontal-aluminium rectangular multiport mini-channel having a hydraulic diameter of 3.48 mm are experimentally investigated. The test runs are done at refrigerant mass fluxes ranging between 200 and 400 kg/m2s. The heat fluxes are between 5 and 14.25 kW/m2, and refrigerant saturation temperatures are between 10 and 30 °C. The effects of the refrigerant vapour quality, mass flux, saturation temperature and imposed heat flux on the measured heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop are investigated. The experimental data show that in the same conditions, the heat transfer coefficients of R-410A are about 20–50% higher than those of R-134a, whereas the pressure drops of R-410A are around 50–100% lower than those of R-134a. The new correlations for the evaporation heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop of R-410A and R-134a in a multiport mini-channel are proposed for practical applications.

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