The effect of acoustic field on the dynamics of micro thermal bubble is investigated in this paper. The micro thermal bubbles were generated by a micro heater which was fabricated by standard Micro-Electro-Mechanical-System (MEMS) technology and integrated into a mini chamber. The acoustic field formed in the mini chamber was generated by a piezoelectric plate which was adhered on the top side of the chamber’s wall. The dynamics and related heat transfer induced by the micro heater generated vapor bubble with and without the existing of acoustic field were characterized by a high speed photograph system and a micro temperature sensor. Through the experiments, it was found that in two different conditions, the temperature changing induced by the micro heater generated vapor bubble was significantly different. From the analysis of the high speed photograph results, the acoustic force induced micro thermal bubble movements, such as forcibly removing, collapsing and sweeping, were the main effects of acoustic enhanced boiling heat transfer. The experimental results and theoretical analysis were helpful for understanding of the mechanisms of acoustic enhanced boiling heat transfer and development of novel micro cooling devices.

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