The innovative intelligent fuzzy weighted input estimation method (FWIEM) can be applied to the inverse heat transfer conduction problem (IHCP) to estimate the unknown time-varying heat flux as presented in this paper. The feasibility of this method can be verified by adopting the temperature measurement experiment. The experiment modular may be designed by using 4 copper samples with different thicknesses. Furthermore, the bottoms of the samples are heated by applying the standard heat source, and the temperatures on the tops are measured by using the thermocouples. The temperature measurements are then regarded as the inputs into the presented method to estimate the heat flux in the bottoms of samples. The influence on the estimation caused by the processing noise covariance Q, the weighting factor γ, the sampling time interval Δt, and the space discrete interval Δx, will be investigated by utilizing the experiment verification. The results show that this method is efficient and robust to estimate the unknown time-varying heat input.

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