A sound wave propagation through a rarefied gas is investigated on the basis of the linearized kinetic equation by taking into account the influence of the receptor of sound waves on the solution of the problem. In order to do so, a plate oscillating in the normal direction to its own plane is considered as a sound wave source while a stationary one is considered as being the receptor of sound waves. The distance between the plates can be of the order of the molecular mean free path. It is assumed a fully established oscillation so that the solution of the kinetic equation depends on time harmonically. The main parameters of the problem are the oscillation speed parameter, defined as the ratio of intermolecular collision frequency to the sound frequency, and the Knudsen number, defined as the ratio of the molecular mean free path to a characteristic scale of the gas flow. The problem is solved over a wide range of both parameters and the amplitudes and phases of all the macrocharacteristics of the gas flow are calculated.

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