A micro/meso scale modelling of two-phase droplets move on hydrophilic/hydrophobic surfaces with micro roughness is reported. The physical model is basically of two-phase flow interacting with the surfaces of different hydrophobicity or wettability. Numerical modelling based on the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) is developed and applied to the computational calculation and simulation. The LBM modelling deals with surface tension dominated behaviour of water droplets in air spreading on a hydrophilic surface with hydrophobic strips of different sizes and contact angles under different physical and interfacial conditions, and aims to find quantitative data and physical conditions of the biomimetic approaches. The current LBM can be applied to simulate two-phase fluids with large density ratio (up to 1000), and meanwhile deal with interactions between a fluid-fluid interface and a partial wetting wall. In the simulation, the interactions between the fluid-fluid interface and the partial wetting wall with different hydrophobic strips such as single strip, intersecting stripes, and alternating & parallel stripes, of different sizes and contact angles are considered and tested numerically; the phenomena of droplets spreading and breaking up, and the effect of hydrophobic strips on the surface wettability or self-cleaning characteristics are simulated, reported and discussed.

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