This paper demonstrates the design, Fabrication, and characterization of a novel electrohydrodynamic (EHD) conduction micropump. The device is based on LCP MEMS microfabrication technology. The novelty of design is due to its micro scale space between two electrodes. The pump consists of high voltage electrode, ground electrode, gasket, input/output ports, and electrical connections. The high voltage electrode consists of 75 centric annulus that were patterned on a 1.5mm LCP film with 30 μm copper clad layer as a substrate. The ground electrode was patterned using the same technology in the shape of a single circular plane avoiding any sharp point. A 230 μm -annuals liquid crystal polymer (LCP) gasket was used to fix the distance between the two substrates. Using 56 μm -resin epoxy film, two substrates are bonded together with constant distance 286 μm. The overall dimension of the micro pump is 65mm × 70mm. The flow direction in the pump was from ground electrode toward positive voltage electrode. In the absence of net flow, the device tests showed a maximum head of 105 Pa with 18 mW power consumption in absence of direct ion injection. The low level of power consumption with this pressure head generation promises a good chance to use the micropump in microgravity micro lubrication applications.

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