In many practical instances such as basic design, parametric study, and optimization analysis of thermal systems, it is often very convenient to have closed form relations to obtain the trends and a reasonable estimate of the Nusselt number. However, finding exact solutions for many practical singly-connected cross-sections, such as trapezoidal microchannels, is complex. In the present study, the square root of cross-sectional area is proposed as the characteristic length scale for Nusselt number. Using analytical solutions of rectangular, elliptical, and triangular ducts, a compact model for estimation of Nusselt number of fully-developed, laminar flow in microchannels of arbitrary cross-sections with “H1” boundary condition (constant axial wall heat flux with constant peripheral wall temperature) is developed. The proposed model is only a function of geometrical parameters of the cross-section, i.e., area, perimeter, and polar moment of inertia. The present model is verified against analytical and numerical solutions for a wide variety of cross-sections with a maximum difference on the order of 9%.

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