In microfluidic devices for chemical or biochemical analysis (μTAS) it appears promising to use electrokinetic phenomena since the ratio of surface area to volume is high and therefore interfacial phenomena are pronounced. Electrokinetic phenomena comprise a family of different effects that are all related by the presence of a so-called electrical double layer (EDL). Particularly, two electrokinetic phenomena can be used to fulfil manifold tasks required within microfluidic devices. Electroosmosis, the motion of liquids under the influence of an applied electrical field, can be used to drive liquids. Electrophoresis, the motion of (partially-) charged particles under the influence of an applied electrical field, is another electrokinetic phenomenon applicable for analysing and focusing of species. We present investigations focused on the flow/concentration field in an electrokinetic micromixer and on the performance of a micro-electrophoresis device.

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