A novel concept of a micromotor is presented. The idea of this micromotor is to transform the vibrational energy into rotational mechanical energy in a simple way. The principle of operation of this motor is not the same as the ultrasonic motor. The vibrational energy can be a direct mechanical or acoustical energy. It can be also used as a sensor of vibrational motion. The device consists of a pivoted fork with a straight handle. The fork ends touch the teeth of a sprocket (ratchet). The ratchet is connected to a microshaft at its center, with appropriate bearings, which delivers the rotational energy as the output of the micromotor. When the vibrational (mechanical or acoustic) energy excites the handle of the fork causing it to vibrate, which in turn exerts intermittent forces on the sprocket’s teeth causing it and the connected shaft to rotate in one direction only. It is not sensitive to the initial conditions nor to the direction of flow of vibrational energy. A macrolevel working model is constructed to demonstrate the feasibility of this micromotor. Early testing showed successful transformation of vibrational energy to rotational energy in the macromotor.

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