The flow field and temperature distributions of free molecular micro-electro-thermal resist jet (FMMR) were studied resorting to DSMC-FVM coupled method. Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) method is the most useful tool to simulate the flow field of FMMR and unstructured grid is suitable for the flow simulation in a complicated region with tilted wall surface. DSMC code based on unstructured grid system was developed and then the result was compared with that of structured grid and analytical solution to validate the reliability of the developed code. The DSMC method was then used to simulate the fluid flow in the micro-nozzle (Kn>0.01) and the temperature distribution in the nozzle wall was obtained by the Finite Volume Method (FVM). The Dirichlet-Neumann method was used to couple the wall heat flux and temperature between flow field and solid area. The effect of different income pressure was studied in detail and the results showed that the temperature of solid area changed drastically at different income pressure, so the commonly-adopted method of pre-setting boundary temperature before simulation was unreasonable. The results showed that the influence of boundary layer decreased as the pressure increased.

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