Plastics are the choice materials for fabrication of many microfluidic devices as mass production methods such as the injection moulding and hot embossing processes can be used for disposable polymer device fabrications. However, fabrication of mould inserts with micro features is a very critical step towards successful moulding of polymer micro components. Due to technical limitations many micro features cannot be fabricated directly onto metal mould inserts. Silicon based micro machining technologies, on the other hand, are well developed and are capable of producing very fine micro structures. In the study, silicon insert moulding method is developed for fabrication of polymeric biochips. Although it has been reported to use silicon dies for hot embossing applications, careful consideration of mould design is required to use fragile silicon inserts in moulding applications where higher mould clamping forces are encountered. Silicon inserts instead of traditional metal inserts, are successfully manufactured and used for polymer biochip moulding. It has been found that the silicon inserts can last for tens of shots if properly installed in an injection mould.

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