The Micro pump is an essential component in a Micro Total Analysis System (μTAS). A feasible and reliable design of the micro pump is a key for the development of the μTAS. The Valve-less Rectification Micro Pump (VRMP) has many advantages, such as: non-moving parts, independent of fluids and channels properties, reliable, and easy to fabricate. Fluid diodicity is an essential parameter of the VRMP design. In this study, we investigate the fluid diodicity (the ratio of forward to reverse flow’s pressure drop) of micro rectifying geometries for more effective design of VRMPs. An experimental apparatus is designed and constructed. In our preliminary experiments, we measured diodicities of four different rectifying geometries, including bifurcation, heart shape, semi-circle and triangle. Experimental results demonstrate that rectifying geometries can take different designs that differ from the conventional diffuser-nozzle and Tesla’s designs; therefore, there is an opportunity to enhance the performances of VRMP by choosing the application-specific rectifying geometries.

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