This paper reports an experimental study on flow boiling of water in a minichannel. Flow boiling heat transfer coefficients and pressure drops were measured and the data were compared with existing correlations. The effect of pressure was the major objectives in this study and the range of pressure was 1 to 18 bars. The experimental apparatus consisted mainly of a minichannel test section, gear pump, pre-heater, pressurizer, condenser and evaporator. The evaporator was used for variation of vapor quality at the inlet of test section. The pressurizer controls the desired system pressure. The test section is a round tube of 1.73 mm inside diameter, made of 316 stainless steel. The test section and the evaporator tubes were heated by DC electric current through the tubes. The measured flow boiling heat transfer coefficients showed two distinct regions; relatively high heat transfer coefficients at low vapor quality and lower heat transfer coefficients at higher vapor quality. This observation implies the change of flow regime, slug to annular flow. Comparisons of the experimental data and the prediction of correlations (Gungor & Winterton, 1987; Tran et al., 1996; Kandlikar, 2003) showed large discrepancy in both regions.

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