In this paper we present a novel microfluidic platform for DNA sequencing-by-synthesis methods (e.g. pyrosequencing). The proposed platform is based on the valve-controllable PDMS channel technology with DNA-coated magnetic beads. The encapsulation of the reaction of DNA polymerization in picoliter-sized wells provides for excellent isolation and control for detection. This separation prevents cross-talk amongst neighbor reactors which is one of the most limitations for higher integration of the current technologies. Through application of an external magnetic field the beads can be allocated with better accuracy. In addition this property can help mixing for the reaction. The proposed system is useful for a number of other bio-species detection and sorting templates. This paper illustrates the design and experimental results of a primary template as well as different advantages and potential applications of the Gate-Controlled Magnetic Bead (GCMB) platform in the world of DNA sequencing and genetics.

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