Characteristics of a mini/micro-size Y-type fluidic device were examined using water as test fluid. The cross-section of an inlet path and outlet branches was 1 mm × 1 mm square. That of signal ports was 1 mm × 0.5 mm. Although Reynolds number tested was low; less than 1000, the mini/micro-size fluidic device functioned as the fluidic device; flow provided for a signal port flowed out from an opposite outlet. It was also analytically proved by the commercial code of STAR-CD. A zero-net flow micro-jet which had been analytically predicted was experimentally confirmed. A piezoelectric element was used to produce the zero-net flow micro-jet. A new concept of the mini/micro-size fluidic device was proposed. In that design, the signal ports were replaced with the zero-net flow micro-jet which was formed by the piezoelectric element. It was confirmed that the new design would function as the fluidic device.

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