Atomic force microscope (AFM) probe was developed for applications of the dip-pen nanolithography (DPN), which is capable of surface patterning. Nano fountain-pen is a novel device to make the constant patterning in micro process using new designed probe. The modeled nano fountain-pen is composed with reservoir, micro channels, tip and chamber. The reservoir is linked to micro channels embedded in a V-shaped cantilever. Working fluids are transported through micro channels from a reservoir to substrate, realizing continuous writing at the nano scale. This so-called fountain-pen nanolithography (FPN) device allows continuous fluid supply for different localized applications. Instead of traditional method only using capillary force, liquid can be definitely and exactly injected with membrane pumping by the repulse force of tip. Using a commercial code, FLUENT, the velocity, pressure and flow rate are obtained under laminar, unsteady and three-dimensional incompressible flow with no-slip condition, and results are graphically depicted.

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