The fluidic operations in microfluidic system such as chemical delivery, solution exchange, and chemical reactions by mixing are one of the most important technical issues to realize high-throughput and automated chemical / biochemical analysis with extremely small amount of species down to single molecular level. In order to realize such fluidic operations in micro and nano scale, we have been trying to develop a chemical delivery system to transport reagents to an arbitrary location in microchannel. In this work, we have developed and demonstrated a chemical delivery system in microchannel using precisely controlled multilaminar flow created by our previously developed multi-channel micropump embedded on the system. As a demonstration of the chemical delivery system, a single-molecule analysis of ATP dependent rotation of F1- ATPase was investigated. As a result, ATP dependent rotation of F1-ATPase was successfully investigated by addressing one of the streams, which are included or not included ATP, to the immobilized single-molecule of F1-ATPase.

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