One of the methods of transporting fluid in microchannels without employing high voltage or syringe pump is the surface micro waves. The micro surface waves are able to move the fluids in the channels in the direction of wave propagation. In this study, computational investigations are made to analyse the behaviour of a Non-Newtonian fluid flow under the surface micro wave in a square microchannel. The analysis is restricted to 5 wave lengths due to the constraints in the computation for longer wave lengths. The results show that surface waves are able to make the fluid flow in the direction of the wave propagation. By altering the wave parameters, the mass flow rate of the fluid can be increased or reduced in real time. However, there are several observations that need to be taken into consideration in using the surface waves as mean for fluid flow in microchannels (not clear here). Pressure and velocity difference across the cross section of the microchannels might cause flow instabilities which might affect the intended use of the system.

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