A capillary pumped loop (CPL) which can be used for cooling electronic devices such as a CPU of a personal computer or note book was developed. An evaporator and a condenser with the same size of 30 mm × 30 mm × 1.55 mm were designed and fabricated using 3 layer of silicon wafer for the CPL. In the evaporator, 525 μm thickness silicon wafer where an array of 40 × 40 cone shaped micro holes were fabricated was inserted above the compensation cavity for liquid transportation instead of porous wick. The same cone shaped microstructure was used in the condenser to create a stable interface between the liquid and the vapor phases. The CPL fabricated was tested under various conditions such as different relative heights, fill ratios and heat fluxes. The operation conditions of CPL were varied depending on relative height and fill ratio. With an allowable temperature of 82 °C on the evaporator surfaces, the CPL can handle a heat flux of about 3.7 W/cm2 with the air cooled condenser. Steady state operation condition was achieved within 10 minutes.

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