The stability of fluid segments is limited by deformation stress and by coalescence events. Both factors are typical for the passage of fluid segments through micro fluidic networks. Therefore, the coalescence behaviour of micro fluid segments in simple net work structures in dependence of flow rate ratios was investigated and characterized by the composition of obtained segment populations. Series of segments of different size and distance were generated either in a double T- or in a triple T-arrangement. PTFE elements were used for the micro fluid network. Nearly pulsation-free fluid actuation was realized by syringe pumps. The flow conditions in the input streams of carrier liquid and injected solutions remained constant during the experiments. Segment sequences become divers by different injection, stacking and coalescence events. The resulting segment sequences were characterized by on-line micro photometry. The populations of obtained micro fluid segments during each experiment were characterized by the distribution of segment size and segment distance or segment periode, respectively. Simulations support the assumption, that the character of segment populations is mainly determined by the flow rate ratios and by the coalescence sensitivity beside the topology of the fluidic network.

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