The heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of compact heat exchangers having mini channels and copper wire spring fins are investigated experimentally. A copper capillary tube is used as heat transfer tube (length: 250 mm, inside diameter: 1.4 mm and wall thickness: 0.2 mm). The copper wire spring fin (CSF) is made of thin copper wire whose thickness is 0.5 mm and length is 8.4 m, respectively. The heat transfer area density of heat exchanger is 1,880 m2/m3. Water is employed inside the circular tube to transfer heat with air for convenience. The air flow entering into the test section is a fully developed duct flow and velocity is varied from 0.5 to 2.0 m/s with 0.5 m/s intervals. Based on the experimental data, heat transfer rate, pressure drop, f–factor and j–factor are investigated.

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