In this work, micro particle imaging velocimetry (micro-PIV) was performed on the fundamental components of a micro total analysis system. Specifically, high aspect ratio passive valves and mixers were designed, fabricated, and characterized. The components were built using Micralyne Protolyne technology on a glass substrate and operated at reasonably achievable pressures. The flows through the components were analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively with the goal of developing a more complete understanding of internal device performance. Using the results of the micro-PIV developed velocity fields it was found that the high aspect ratio passive valves are able to perform at reasonably achievable pressures. However, it was determined that the high aspect ratio passive mixers offer limited performance enhancements because of the low Reynolds number flows. The results of this work contribute to the understanding of passive component operation and address some of the challenges associated with developing completely integrated micro total analysis systems that use passive devices.

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