Micro technology supported aerosol processes provide a basis for integrated control of complex processes and therefore a promising research subject. A key aspect in aerosol technology is to control particle deposition, either to avoid clogging or to achieve a well defined coating of surfaces. As a first step we conducted an experimental and theoretical study of the particle deposition in a simple static T-shaped micro mixer. For the experiments monodisperse sodium chloride particles in the particle size range between 10 nm and 700 nm were used. The aerosol was introduced into one branch of the micro reactor and mixed with a particle-free air stream. The predominant particle deposition effect within the mixer is due to impaction, which is induced by the high curvature of stream lines at the inlet and in the mixing zone. Additional CFD calculations confirm the experimental results and show ways of optimizing the inlet geometry of the mixer, which should result in a significant reduction in impaction losses.

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