A computational investigation of the heat transfer for a high performance integrated chip by using an electrohydrodynamic (EHD) pump was studied. This paper presents a fully computational system bundle with electro field, fluid flow and heat transfer for a cooling device. The micro pump provides the required pumping power by using the dipole moment generated from polarizing molecules and induces the flow to cool down the heat source. The computational domain of the micro channel for length and depth are kept in 1500μm and 500μm with parallel electrodes pitch (20μm, 40μm, 80μm). The effects of different applied voltage VE ranging from 100V to 500V, using oil as the working fluid and the heat flux of the heat source fixed at 2.5W/cm2 is investigated in detail. It is found that the EHD micro pump is more effective for lower channel pitch and higher applied voltage. For VE = 500V and electrodes pitch = 20μm, this study identifies a maximum performance of 49.36kPa in the pressure head and 9.55W/cm2 in the heat transfer. In addition, the performance of flow rate, liquid velocity and averaging Nusselt number for the specific condition are 0.94 L/min-mm2, 0.12 m/s, and 106.10. However, it also identifies the performance of the heat transfer for electrodes pitch = 40μm is about 146.0% of that for pitch = 80μm. But for pitch = 20μm, it is only 10.5% higher than that for pitch = 40μm.

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