The present paper reviews published experimental work focusing on condensation flow regimes, heat transfer and pressure drop in minichannels. New experimental data are available with high pressure (R410A), medium (R134a) and low pressure (R236ea) refrigerants in minichannels of different cross section geometry and with hydraulic diameters ranging from 0.4 to 3 mm. Because of the influence of flow regimes on heat transfer and pressure drop, a literature review is presented to discuss flow regimes transitions. The available experimental frictional pressure gradients and heat transfer coefficients are compared with semi empirical and theoretical models developed for conventional channels and with models specifically created for minichannels. Starting from the results of the comparison between experimental data and models, the paper will discuss and evaluate the opportunity for a new heat transfer model for condensation in minichannels; the new model attempts to take into account the effect of the entrainment rate of droplets from the liquid film.

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