By using unique experimental techniques and careful construction of the experimental apparatus, the characteristics of the local heat transfer were investigated using the condensing R134a two-phase flow, in horizontal single mini-channels. The circular channels (Dh = 0.493, 0.691, and 1.067 mm) and rectangular channels (Dh = 0.494, 0.658, and 0.972 mm) were tested and compared. Tests were performed for a mass flux of 100, 200, 400, and 600 kg/m2s, a heat flux of 5 to 20 kW/m2, and a saturation temperature of 40°C. In this study, effect of heat flux, mass flux, vapor qualities, hydraulic diameter, and channel geometry on flow condensation were investigated and the experimental local condensation heat transfer coefficients are shown. The experimental data of condensation Nusselt number are compared with existing correlations.

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