Heat transfer and pressure drop, are experimentally recorded for flow boiling water in a single 706 μm circular copper channel 158.75 mm long. Heat is supplied by heat transfer oil at specified temperatures to a helical channel in the test section. In contrast to other current experimental techniques for flow boiling in small diameter tubes, a uniform temperature boundary condition is employed rather than a constant heat flux condition. The principal results of these experiments are two-phase flow boiling heat transfer rates and an analysis of the time-dependent pressure drop signature during two-phase flow in a minichannel. The range of experiments includes mass fluxes of 43.8–3070 kg/m2s and wall temperatures of 100°C–171.2°C. In all cases the test section water inlet is subcooled to between 72.9°C and 99.6°C. The inlet pressures used are 1.1–230.5 kPa (gage).

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