Experiments on flow boiling of water are carried out for a rectangular vertical channel with dimension (width × depth) 0.86 × 2.0 mm2 (hydraulic diameter 1.2 mm). The Confinement number, Co = [σ/(g(ρL − ρG)dh2)]0.5, for the investigated range of operating parameters is about 2.2. So, applying the criterion Co > 0.5 for micro channels, the investigated channel has to be classified as “micro”. Water as working fluid is used with different mass and heat fluxes. Investigations of heat transfer and pressure drop were carried out. Results of flow visualisation are presented. On the basis of observations, a flow pattern map is obtained and the results are compared with existing flow pattern transition boundaries proposed by Taitel et al. (1980) and Mishima and Ishii (1984). The paper contains recent experimental results of an ongoing EU-project. Previous results have been presented in Shuai et al. (2002, 2003).

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