In this study, an analysis of the performance of micro nozzle/diffusers is performed and fabrication of the micro nozzle/diffuser is conducted and tested. It is found that the pressure loss coefficient for the nozzle/diffuser decreases with the Reynolds number. At a given Reynolds number, the pressure loss coefficient for nozzle is higher than that of the diffuser due to considerable difference in the momentum change. For the effect of nozzle/diffuser length on the pressure loss coefficient, it is found that the influence is rather small. At a fixed volumetric flowrate, a “minimum” phenomenon of the pressure loss coefficient vs. nozzle/diffuser depth is encountered. This is related to the interactions of velocity change and friction factor. Good agreements of the measured data with the predicted results are found in this study except at a diffuser having an opening angle of 20° . It is likely that the departure of this case to the prediction is due to the separation phenomenon in a larger angle of the diffuser.

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