To investigate the analogy between heat transfer and fluid friction of two-phase flow in minichannel, heat transfer coefficient, pressure drop and void fraction were simultaneously measured for vertical upward heated air-water two-phase flow in a 2.01 mm I.D. stainless steel tube. Void fraction was slightly different from Smith’s correlation and drift flux model, but the latter gave fairly good prediction when α>0.8. Frictional pressure losses were greater than the experimental results of Mishima-Hibiki for a 2.05 mm I.D. Pyrex glass tube and the correlation of Chisholm-Laird. Heat transfer coefficients agreed with our previous experimental results for a 8.03 mm I.D. tube. A theoretical calculation was performed for an annular liquid film flow model using experimental values of wall shear stress and liquid holdup, and satisfactory results were obtained except when the liquid flow rate was very low.

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