This paper reviews recent Korean studies of flow characteristics, flow boiling, and flow condensation in micro- and mini-channels. The characteristics of local heat transfer and pressure drops were experimentally investigated using condensing R134a two-phase flow, in a single round tube, with an inner diameter of 0.691 mm. New experimental techniques were developed to measure the condensation heat transfer coefficient. Tests were performed for a mass flux of 100 to 600 kg/m2s, a heat flux of 5 to 20 kW/m2, and a saturation temperature of 40°C. The experimental local condensation heat transfer coefficients and two-phase frictional pressure gradients are shown. Comparisons of experimental data with existing models reveal that the correlations failed to predict the present data. This study contains the unique sub-millimeter-diameter, single round tube, condensation data reported in the literature.

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