A Lattice Boltzmann method is employed to investigate the flow characteristics and the heat transfer phenomenon between two parallel plates separated by a micro-gap. A nine-velocity model and an internal energy distribution model are used to obtain the mass, momentum and temperature distributions. It is shown that for small Knudsen numbers (Kn), the current results are in good agreement with those obtained from the traditional Navier-Stokes equation with non-slip boundary conditions. As the value of Kn is increased, it is found that the non-slip condition may no longer be valid at the wall boundary and that the flow behavior changes to one of slip-flow. In slip flow regime, the present results is still in good agreement with slip-flow solution by Navier Stokes equations. The non-linear nature of the pressure and friction distribution for micro-channel flow is gieven. Finally, the current investigation presents a prediction of the temperature distribution for micro-channel flow under the imposed conditions of an isothermal boundary.

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