Exhaust manifold is an individual part of conventional internal combustion engines which is made of cast iron. Furthermore expensive alloys are needed to increase its thermal resistance. In the Integrated Exhaust Manifold into Cylinder Head (IEMCH), the exhaust manifold is manufactured as one part with the cylinder head. Thus its material changes from cast iron to aluminum which has a much lower thermal resistance than the cast iron. IEMCH has many advantages such as, low cost, lower weight and volume, less fuel consumption and faster warm-up. But due to its lower thermal resistance, it must be cooled.

Here a new exhaust manifold is designed for IEMCH. Thermo-fluid analysis is carried out numerically to evaluate temperature limitation of the new exhaust manifold. The obtained results are compared to the standard exhaust manifold which indicates that by means of cooling, the new exhaust manifold can be remained at its proper temperature limitation. Thus no expensive alloys are needed in the new exhaust manifold.

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