This paper presents an application of the mean value combustion model to simulate large bore turbocharged diesel engines, coupled with large electric AC synchronous generators, to mimic power generation within a training simulator for a ship board electrical power system. A mean value engine model has been developed to simulate the most prevalent phenomena occurring in diesel direct injection internal combustion engines. The combustion process is modeled as a mean value system where characteristics of combustion are averaged over the entire cycle. Detailed models of the air intake, fuel delivery, and internal/external cooling systems have been developed using concepts from fluid dynamics and thermodynamics. The engine model has been created in MATLAB® Simulink® to simulate actual hardware signals sent to the power management controller to facilitate the development of the power system trainer. The model has been structured so that it is highly adaptable and is capable of simulating a wide variety of engine bore sizes and cylinder numbers which has significantly increased the utility of the work presented herein.

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