In order to comply with stringent pollutant emissions regulations a detailed analysis of the overall engine is required, assessing the mutual influence of its main operating parameters. The present study is focused on the investigation of the intake system under actual working conditions by means of 1D and 3D numerical simulations. Particularly, the effect of EGR distribution on engine performance and pollutants formation has been calculated for a production 6 cylinder HSDI Diesel engine in a EUDC operating point. Firstly a coupled 1D/3D simulation of the entire engine geometry has been carried out to estimate the EGR rate delivered to every cylinder; subsequently the in-cylinder flow field has been evaluated by simulating the intake and compression strokes. Finally the spray and combustion processes have been studied accounting for the real combustion chamber geometry and particularly the pollutants formation has been determined by using a detailed kinetic mechanism combustion model. The 1D/3D analysis highlighted a significant cylinder to cylinder EGR percentage variation affecting remarkably the pollutant emissions formation, as evaluated by the combustion process simulations. A combined use of commercial and in-house modified codes has been adopted.

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