From 2006 to 2008 depending on the power ratings, Deutz has to update its complete engine product portfolio of compact engines to meet the emission legislation U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU COM 3A for applications of mobile nonroad machinery. This challenge covers air cooled, oil cooled and as well water cooled engines up to 500 kW. To provide the best solution for the customer with respect to engine price, fuel consumption, power rating and torque characteristics. Deutz will introduce a technology concept called DEVERT® — Deutz Variable Emissions Reduction Technology. In the wide range of industrial applications of construction machinery, agriculture, material handling, and others DEVERT® provides an optimised solution for every case. The technology approach of DEVERT® consists of injection systems like the mechanical unit pump system and the Deutz Common Rail (DCR®), 2 and 4 valve cylinder-heads, different solutions for internal and external exhaust gas recirculation, and also variable valve actuation. The focus of this paper is on the water-cooled, in-line engine families 2012 and 2013 with a displacement of 4 to 7 l. Based on the application of DEVERT® to these engine families the different technologies are explained by their functionality and their impact on emissions and performance. A short outlook of the emission legislation on future technologies is given. Here exhaust after-treatment will have a significant impact on the engine package with new challenges for the variety of applications.

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