The paper presents a generic model of a turbocharged, common rail diesel engine developed on a SIMULINK platform. The model is developed for the main task of predicting transient behavior of the turbocharged engine, especially acceleration under load. In order to reduce computer time, the model is zero-dimensional as far as combustion is concerned, but split injection is considered to simulate the main characteristic of modern common rail diesel engines. A simplified generic model of the turbocharger is developed such as to determine the effects of different design parameters on the acceleration of the engine. A detailed dynamic model of the engine is considered to allow estimating the torsional behavior of the crankshaft and evaluate the impact of torsional vibrations. The model is validated on a four-cylinder, 2.5 liter common-rail diesel engine and is further used to identify the fueling strategy and the design parameters that could be improved in order to obtain the best possible engine acceleration under different load conditions.

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