The development of a very high pressure diesel fuel injection system has been one of the key solutions to improve engine performance and to reduce emissions. The diesel fuel management in the injector directly affects how the fuel spray is delivered to the combustion chamber, and therefore affects the mixing, combustion and the pollutants formation. To design such a very high pressure diesel fuel injection system, an advanced CFD tool to predict the complex flow in the fuel injection system is required in the robust design process. In this paper, a novel 3D CFD dynamic mesh with cavitation model is developed to simulate the dynamic response of the needle motion of a diesel fuel injector corresponding to high common rail pressure and other dimensional design variables, coupling with the imbalance of the spring force and the flow force (pressure plus viscous force). A mixture model is used for cavitation resulting from high speed flow in fuel injector. Due to the lack of experimental data, the model presented in this paper is only validated by a limited set of experimental data. Required meshing strategy is also discussed in the paper.

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