A new type of high-efficiency reciprocating internal combustion engine — called the “isoengine” — is being developed, which has separate cylinders for compression and combustion. The fully developed engine is predicted to generate electricity at net electrical plant efficiencies of up to 60% with unit sizes in the range of about 5–20 MWe. The specific capital cost and overall engine size are expected to be similar to those of conventional large engines. The construction of a first 3 MW prototype engine has now been fully completed and in October 2002 the first fuel was injected. The present paper focuses on the experience and test results obtained during the commissioning and early test stage of the prototype engine. The testing of this Engineering Demonstrator will contribute significantly to the development of a Commercial Demonstrator and first commercial isoengines, which should be available in the second half of this decade.   NOTE: This paper was presented at the ASME 2003 Internal Combustion Engine Division Spring Technical Conference but was printed in the ASME 2003 Internal Combustion Engine and Rail Transportation Divisions Fall Technical Conference proceedings, pages 409–418. It should appear under the Engine Design heading.

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