Dual-Fuel™ technology combines compression-ignition efficiency with natural gas emissions to create a popular platform for heavy-duty, on-highway, low-emission vehicles. This paper will summarize that technology for on-highway vehicles, benefits to the customer, and commercial issues and trends. Clean Air Partner’s lean-burn Dual-Fuel technology includes electronic control of multi-point, port gas injection, pilot diesel timing and quantity, and lambda (excess air ratio) on a compression-ignition platform. Performance benefits include low emissions plus diesel-like efficiency, power, and torque. There are approximately 1500 CAP Dual-Fuel vehicles on the road in nine countries on four continents. Stringent environmental regulations require new approaches; CAP has developed, adopted, and acquired several technologies to meet this challenge. CAP has also transferred the core Dual-Fuel™ technology from low emissions vehicles to stationary engines for the power generation market.

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