In this investigation a two-dimensional airflow and heat transfer with sinusoidal boundary condition analysis was conducted. Both laminar and turbulent sinusoidal pipe flows were investigated numerically for Remax = 2000, 10000, 20000 and 60000. The results are compared with experimental results of previous investigators [2], [5]. Comparing non-dimensional velocity amplitudes also checks predictions of the flow regime on present sinusoidal flow conditions. A high Reynolds number RNG k-ε turbulence model was used for turbulent flows. An available code, which is basis on finite volume and can solve Nervier-stokes equations on the structured grids, is used. After discrete equations on the control volume, physical properties flux on the control volume by means of first-order upwind difference scheme is calculated. Then, to solve algebraic equations the SIMPLE method is used. Computational results are presented and discussed for velocity, pressure drop, wall shear, temperature, heat flux, and convection coefficient.

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