The understanding of the inlet condition effects on the output performance and exhaust emissions of high-power medium-speed diesel engines is an important issue in evaluating, testing and designing the type of engines. The inlet conditions under investigation included inlet air temperature, pressure and humidity, and intake manifold air temperature. Analytical and experimental investigation were conducted to achieve better understanding of the condition effects on the engine outputs and exhaust emissions. The operating and exhaust gas parameters for determining the engine brake specific outputs were studied. The major in-cylinder combustion process parameters affected by the inlet conditions were analyzed. Results from testing a high-power medium-speed locomotive diesel engine are presented and confirm the trends analytically predicted. The effects of the inlet conditions can not be neglected in obtaining comparable engine outputs and exhaust emissions. The main focus of the work in this paper is not on the determination of outputs correction factors for a particular engine, is on the understanding and methodology of the appropriate determination of engine outputs and exhaust emissions in general.

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