A new concept for bimetal bearings combining the development of a new bearing alloy and the bearing type design as a composition of different layers is presented. The goal was to reach the performance of typical trimetal bearings by the economical solution of a bimetal bearing design. An intensive study of performance shortages of today’s conventional bimetal bearings as well as a scope of future bearing performance needs headed the performance description of the newly developed bearing type. Metallurgical and technological options given in the publication were used to reach the design criteria. The development resulted in an aluminum bearing alloy with increased tribological and mechanical properties including a special bearing type design with a high strength bonding layer. The roll bonding procedure was adapted to produce the steel aluminum strips. As an important part of the development, resistance against corrosion and cavitation were taken into consideration. The reported results from test rigs and field tests in different engines demonstrate that the original expectations have been fully achieved. Hence, the economical advantage of bimetal bearings versus trimetal design can be realized.

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