Nucleco S.p.A. has recently invested some of its financial and human resources in a new activity which concerns the virtualisation of nuclear facilities. This process involves three main steps: the digitalisation of plant legacy data, the point cloud acquisition and finally the 3D parametric model creation. The digitalisation and study of plant legacy data allow a preliminary analysis of the area of interest. Then, by using different kinds of instrument and software, multiple point clouds (of a single scan) of the environment are acquired and merged into the “Project Point Cloud”. This final cloud not only is fully explorable and searchable, but also can be equipped with conventional and radiological tags (such as component data sheets, instrument manuals, area dose rates, etc.). The last step, the 3D parametric model creation, is carried out using specific kinds of software, comparing the geometrical data of the point cloud to the geometrical information of the digitalised legacy data. The model then allows storage of the plant data into a single digital archive (point cloud included), supports plant management, and optimises planning of the decommissioning activities. In this paper, the process of 3D model generation is presented and contextualised with actual reconstruction examples.

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