The Jose Cabrera Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) was the first commercial power reactor (Westinghouse 1 loop PWR 510 MWth, 160 MWe) commissioned in Spain and provided the base for future development and training. The reactor construction started in 1963 and it was officially on-line by 1969. The NPP operated from 1969 until 2006 when it became the first reactor to be shut down after completing its operational period. The containment is reinforced concrete with a stainless steel head. In 2010 responsibility for D&D was transferred to Enresa to achieve IAEA level 3 (a green field site available for unrestricted re-uses) by 2017.

Of the total of more than 104,000 tons of materials that will be generated during dismantling, it is estimated that only ∼ 4,000 tons will be radioactive waste, some of which, 40 t are considered as intermediate level long-lived wastes and the rest (3,960 t) will be categorized as VLLW & ILLW.

The Project is divided into five phases:

Phase 0 - Removal of fuel and preliminary work.

Phase 1 - Preparatory Activities for D&D. complete.

Phase 2 - Dismantling of Major Components.

Phase 3 - Removal of Auxiliary Installations, Decontamination and Demolition.

Phase 4 - Environmental Restoration.

Phase 2, is currently ongoing (50% completed).

To manage the diverse aspects of decommissioning operations, Enresa uses an internally developed computerized project management tool. The tool, based on knowledge gathered from other Enresa projects, can process operations management, maintenance operations, materials, waste, storage areas, procedures, work permits, operator dose management and records. Enresa considers that communication is important for both internal and external stakeholder relations and can be used to inform, to neutralize negative opinions & attitudes, to remove false expectations and for training.

Enresa has created a new multi-purpose area (exhibition/visitor centre) and encourages visits from the public, local schools, local and national politicians and technical groups.

Greenfield is the final end state objective. The total cost of this project, including a 20% contingency as estimated in 2003 is 135 M€. This figure does not include the management of the plant spent fuel, which has constituted an independent project that has been completed in 2009 (35 M€).

Enresa, with 15 staff on site are managing a team of ∼ 250 workers, 40 of whom belong to the previous operator. The spent fuel is On-Site prior to the final destination in the future Spain Centralized Spent Fuel Installation.

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