From 1959 up to 1991 nine civil nuclear powered ships were built in Russia: eight ice-breakers and one lash lighter carrier (cargo ship). At the present time three of them were taking out of service: ice-breaker “Lenin” is decommissioned as a museum and is set for storage in the port of Murmansk, nuclear ice-breakers “Arktika” and “Sibir” are berthing. The ice-breakers carrying radwastes appear to be a possible source of radiation contamination of Murmansk region and Kola Bay because the ship long-term storage afloat has the negative effect on hull’s structures. As the result of this under the auspices of the Federal Targeted Program “Nuclear and Radiation Safety of Russia for 2008 and the period until 2015” the conception and projects of decommissioning of nuclear-powered ships are developed by the State corporation Rosatom with the involvement of companies of United Shipbuilding Corporation. In developing the principal provisions of conception of decommissioning and dismantling of ice-breakers the technical and economic assessment of dismantling options in shiprepairing enterprises of North-West of Russia was performed.

The paper contains description of options, research procedure, analysis of options of decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear ice-breakers, taking into account the principle of optimization of potential radioactive effect to personnel, human population and environment. The report’s conclusions contain the recommendations for selection of option for development of nuclear ice-breaker decommissioning and dismantling projects.

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