In this work complex α-, β-, γ-spectrometric research of water, bottom slimes and deposits on walls of the reactor pond and the storage pond of the MR reactor was made. Identify, that the main dose forming radionuclide, during dismantling work on the reactor MR, is Cs-137. It is shown, that specific activity of radionuclides in bottom slimes considerably exceed specific activity of radionuclides in water from ponds, and near to high level radioactive waste. It is detected that decreasing the water level in reactor ponds on 1m, increase the exposure dose rate at a distance 1m from the pond in 2 times. The observed increase in exposure dose rate can be explained by contribution on dose rate the cesium-137 deposed on walls of the storage pond. Effectiveness of cleaning of walls of the pool of storage from deposits by a water jet of high pressure is investigated.

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