Evaluation models for determining the manpower needs for dismantling various types of equipment in uranium refining and conversion plant (URCP) have been developed. The models are widely applicable to other uranium handling facilities. Additionally, a simplified model was developed for easily and accurately calculating the manpower needs for dismantling dry conversion process–related equipment (DP equipment).

It is important to evaluate beforehand project management data such as manpower needs to prepare an optimized decommissioning plan and implement effective dismantling activity. The Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) has developed the project management data evaluation system for dismantling activities (PRODIA code), which can generate project management data using evaluation models. For preparing an optimized decommissioning plan, these evaluation models should be established based on the type of nuclear facility and actual dismantling data.

In URCP, the dry conversion process of reprocessed uranium and others was operated until 1999, and the equipment related to the main process was dismantled from 2008 to 2011. Actual data such as manpower for dismantling were collected during the dismantling activities, and evaluation models were developed using the collected actual data on the basis of equipment classification considering the characteristics of uranium handling facility.

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